Dana Hakim

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My Four Guardian Angels 2010

MA Project - Konstfack University, Stockholm

The ancient use of amulets as a metaphysical

protection against varies dangers(evil eye, demons,

hate etc.) is shifted into our post-modern society and

our current fears.The jewelry collection comments

on our society condition as a Fear Society. We are

constantly afraid from the "other", from crime,

terrorism, epidemics and more. The materials used

are connected and related to and with safety, such

as: nets, filters, ventilation covers, light reflectors,

working gloves etc. The inspiration of the shapes and

forms are both current and old. Surveillance

cameras, gas mask and also the shapes of the

amulets, in the Islamic and Judaic religions, the

protecting hand (“Hamsa” or “Fatima hand”) and the

blue glass eye and its geometrical version in the

shape of a rhombus and triangle; an abstraction that

represents the eye. Moreover, most of the protecting

materials are left without their protective qualities,

and so lose their function in the process of gaining a

new quality.