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I Care A Lot

Portable Discussion on the Middle-East

A collaboration between my partner, a graphic

designer Yosef Bercovich and I. A few months after

we moved from Israel to Scandinavia for our Master

degree studies, the 2008-2009 Gaza war- Operation

Cast Lead broke out. We were both agreeing on

creating a platform for discussion on issues

concerning the Middle East.

We initiate an open call for a traveling and an online

exhibition. We gathered five jury members, experts

in their fields of studies and practice: Dr Otto von

Busch, Love Jonsson, Prof’ Verd Kaminski, Shari

pierce and Dr Nada Shabout. The jury selected for

the exhibition a total of 42 pieces out of 252

submitted works by 195 applicants. We received

entries from over 30 countries and in the final

collection we will exhibit pieces from 22 countries.

We launched the website and the open call for

entries on September 2009, at the same time we

open a Facebook page for the project. There we

upload the project updates ,Middle East related art

works, pin pointing relevant current political events.

In 2010 the exhibition traveled to Idar- Oberstein,

Germany, Gallery Platina- Sweden and Gallery

Articula- Portugal. In addition to the exhibitions, four

discussion groups about jewelry in a political context

were held during the show and a short presentation

about the project was made in The 6th

‘SchmuckDenken’ (thinkingjewelry)Symposium in Idar-