Dana Hakim

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Through the Entanglement

There is a certain connection between the use of

amulets as metaphysical protection from irrational

fears as the evil eye, spirits and ghosts, and the post-

modern era's anxiety. This connection appears in

such concerns as radioactive dangers, poisons and

plagues along with others. Form and color relate

between nature and urban spaces, and the structure

of the eyes of bees and wasps, as well as the

doubling and symmetry of their wings, relates to

warning signs and other such placards.

The jewellery in the series are made from painted

iron nets taken from stereo systems and old

speakers. Their original forms are maintained with

minimum intervention. At times, the nets are

assembled together with other suitable net parts.

Through meticulous labor and manipulation on the

surface and the sheet of the net, a one of a kind

jewel is created. The main transformation of the

pendants takes place using hand-toiled embroidery,

and in the brooches by punching and prong settings

of hundreds of zircons.