Dana Hakim

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I see jewellery as an intimate art medium which can

offer a dimension of personal relationship. In my work I

ask questions about the reality in which we live in,

about our everyday life and about the interaction

between us and our society.

I wish the way we grasp reality will be not taken for

granted. I believe there are always diverse prisms of

view and perception, things are laying beneath the

surface, and unveiling them is an eye-opening

experience I strive to create.

Familiar everyday commodities are often in use in my

work. I transform them and  giving them a new

meaning which offers the opportunity for a critical

reflection. I choose these objects because they are

loaded with meaning and have a cultural or associative


In my work, i enjoy using the tactility and materialistic

presence as the carrier of the meaning and as the

embodiment of the object’s essence.